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Benefits Of Using Meno Kit Bundle:

The Menokit is the perfect bundle for women who are looking to make their menopause an easier, slimmer and more energetic one.

The ingredients in this bundle are designed to provide women with the support they need to fight back against frustrating menopausal symptoms — like weight gain, hot flashes, brain fog and fatigue — allowing them to stay healthy and active during times of hormonal change.

The Menokit Bundle Contains:

Provitalize — Our flagship probiotic supplement —- is a holistic blend of thermogenic probiotics and natural herbs created to help women fight back against the symptoms of menopause naturally.

Previtalize — Our prebiotic supplement — is a super prebiotic blend that not only promotes digestion and gut health, but also amplifies the weight management effects of the probiotics in Provitalize.

inergyPLUS — Our energy supplement — is formulated with all-natural ingredients to support the body’s own natural energy production while providing fast-acting support to mental and physical performance, and is completely free of sugar, stimulants and caffeine.

For women approaching, or are going through menopause change, the fluctuating hormones can cause many annoying symptoms like hot flashes, weight gain and fatigue to occur.

So we decided to do something that can ease these pesky symptoms effectively..

And make the lives of menopausal women everywhere a whole lot easier. 🙂

Our Menokit is created specially to help our customers look and feel like themselves again during menopause.The unique blend of herbs, probiotics, prebiotics and essential vitamins provides a holistic list of benefits that helps women tackle menopausal symptoms naturally.

This allows our customers to finally enjoy their golden years without having to worry about dealing with menopausal symptoms daily.

Our Menokit Bundle ideal for women who are looking to:

80% of our customers on our Menokit tend to see significantly better weight management results. This is because our prebiotic blend is designed to boost the efficiency of our fat-burning probiotic strains, providing faster and better weight management results. Additionally, our customers experience a boost of energy that helps them complete their workouts effectively, all within a week on the Menokit.

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Our Menokit’s blend of unique herbs and vitamins makes managing hot flashes easy. The mix of natural herbs and vitamins naturally reduces the frequency and severity of hot flashes. This makes the Menokit a natural solution for soothing hot flashes, especially for women who are sensitive to HRT. At least 75% of our customers have experienced significantly less hot flashes after taking the Menokit.

Many women struggle with menopausal fatigue, caused by major hormonal changes. Our Menokit is designed to prevent that, with it’s combination of herbs and vitamins designed to boost the body’s energy product naturally, without having to rely on artificial stimulants like caffeine or sugar. Customers often report experiencing the benefit of drinking 2 cups of coffee but without the negative side effects, and no longer have to deal with midday slumps.

Menopausal brain fog is another problem many women have trouble dealing with. Fluctuating hormones can cause forgetfulness, poor concentration, and cloudy thinking. Our Menokit helps keep brain fog at bay, with it’s blend of probiotics and 7 essential B vitamins that promotes mental clarity and cognitive function. Most customers report having better and sharper focus throughout the day within a week on the Menokit.

Mood swings have been studied to be linked with high inflammatory levels, which soar during menopause. The Menokit aims to alleviate the symptoms caused by inflammation, like sudden mood swings and joint pains, by providing an anti-inflammatory boost which lowers inflammatory markers in the body. This helps our customers to easily manage their inflammation naturally without having to rely on long-term medication.

Most menopausal symptoms occur because of the fluctuation in hormones. Our Menokit is the perfect bundle for women looking to achieve hormonal balance naturally and keep menopausal symptoms at bay. Our Menokit’s blend of hand-picked herbs, probiotics and essential vitamins nourishes the body and balances hormonal levels gently, allowing women to feel like themselves once again.

A Closer Look At Meno Kit Bundle's Ingredients:

The Menokit’s ingredients are designed to provide natural support for women looking to make their menopausal journey an easier one, and start to look and feel like themselves once more.

This holistic combination of probiotics, prebiotics, herbs and essential vitamins works perfectly to provide women with the nutrients their body needs to stay healthy during hormonal change and keep menopausal symptoms at bay.

Additionally, the holistic blend of natural ingredients provides healthful benefits like weight management, better gut health, better mental clarity and even helps chase away brain fogs:

Our trio of thermogenic Probiotics strains are lab-grown, and they help women manage weight gain, chase away brain fog and manage inflammation:

L.Gasseri (SBT 2055) — A thermogenic probiotic strain studied to impact weight loss and reduce inflammatory markers. L.Gasseri supports the reduction of fat around the midsection and prevents menopausal belly fat from accumulating.

B.Breve (IDCC 4401) — A thermogenic probiotic strain studied to reduce fat mass and regulate mood. B.Breve helps reduce fat mass naturally by improving metabolism and lowering inflammation.

B.Lactis (R101-8) — A thermogenic probiotic strain studied to manage BMI, B.Lactis helps to keep weight, cholesterol, LDL and inflammatory levels healthy.

Our four prebiotic fibres are 100% natural, specially chosen to amplify the effectiveness of the thermogenic probiotic strains in Provitalize, while improving digestion and mood:

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) — A natural fibre found in bananas and blue agave, this prebiotic doesn’t only improve digestive health and boost probiotic function, it also helps improve moods naturally. Our customers frequently reported an improvement in mood when they take Previtalize.

Inulin — A starchy fibre most commonly extracted from chicory root and Jerusalem artichoke, this prebiotic not only improves digestion and stimulates probiotic growth, but it is very useful for easing food cravings.

Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) — A fiber commonly found in legumes, this prebiotic not only aids with digestion, but it is also studied to support stress reduction naturally (by at least 40%). Taking 2 capsules of Previtalize has helped our customers promote calmness and better stress management..

Xylooligosaccharides (XOS) — This prebiotic fibre is a great source of nutrients for the probiotics in Provitalize, especially for the 2 Bifidobacterium strains in Provitalize. This prebiotic doesn’t only support better digestion, it also helps the body absorb less fat from their diet.

Our essential energy-boosting vitamins are all-natural, with ingredients to support the body’s own natural energy production, improving mental and physical well-being without having to rely on stimulants like caffeine or sugar:

CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) —- A naturally occurring compound in the body that helps generate energy in your cells. CoQ10 gets lesser as we age, which is why we included it into our Menokit. Supplementing the body with CoQ10 not only helps boost energy production, it also protects the cells from oxidative damage.

PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) —- A vitamin-like compound found in fruits and vegetables, PQQ has been studied to enhance short-term memory and attention, improves energy production, and even helps with managing inflammation.

ALCAR (Acetyl-L-Carnitine) — An amino acid found in the body that used to convert fat into energy. ALCAR is capable of not only boosting memory and mood, but also allows the body to break down fat for energy production more easily, making weight management easier.

Vitamin Bs’ (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12,) — B vitamins are often called the “energy vitamins” because of their important roles in the body’s energy production. Being deficient in any of these vitamins can cause fatigue, irritability, and poor concentration. Which is why the Menokit contains these 7 essential vitamin Bs, to ensure the body is not missing any.

Our blend of natural, natural herbs are hand-picked and sourced globally to ensure quality, and they provide an abundance of natural vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

Turmeric Root Extract — Also known as curcumin, a phytoestrogen. Provides potent anti-inflammatory benefits that help alleviate inflammatory symptoms like weight gain, bloating and joint pains. Our curcumin are standardized to 95% curcuminoids, ensuring the quality and concentration of curcumin is at its peak.

Moringa Leaf Extract — Known as the “miracle tree”, moringa leaves contain an abundant amount of minerals and vitamins that improves metabolism, reduces inflammation, and even helps keep hot flashes at bay.

Curry Leaf Extract — A natural herb rich in vital nutrients such as phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B, C, E and more. Curry leaves support a healthy cholesterol, regulate blood sugar levels, and even help with indigestion.

Burdock Root — A popular vegetable used traditionally in medicine and cuisine, burdock root is rich in prebiotic fibres. It helps nourish healthy intestinal bacteria, improve gut health, fight harmful bacteria, and improve the body’s immune function. Additionally, it also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help with joint pains and other inflammatory-related symptoms menopause has to offer.

Cordyceps — A mushroom known for its amazing energy boosting ability, many researchers believe Cordyceps to be the one of the most effective energy booster, performance enhancer and anti-aging herbs out there.

Rhodiola — A natural herb that is best known for its amazing abilities to fight fatigue, Rhodiola helps lower stress levels and improve both mental and physical performance.It has been studied extensively for its ability to decrease stress, fight fatigue, improve brain function and support healthy weight loss.

EnXtra® — A trademarked, DNA-authenticated galanga (blue ginger) extract that provides fast, effective and safe energy. It is the first and only natural stimulant-free ingredient that has been clinically proven to increase alertness and focus by 30% for up to 5 hours without crashes.

Our specially formulated boosters are natural, and they ensure our customers get the best out of our product by enhancing bioavailability.

Bioperine® — A patented form of piperine. Taking piperine with the curcumin enhances curcumin absorption by up to 2,000%, allowing you to enjoy all it’s healthful anti-inflammatory benefits.

Sunflower Lecithin — A natural emulsifier, the addition of Sunflower Lecithin enhances the absorption of all the natural ingredients in Provitalize, making sure our customers receive every bit of goodness.

Our trademarked delayed-release capsules protect Provitalize’s ingredient blend from stomach acid so our customers don’t miss out on a single bit of goodness.

DRCaps™ — This trademarked delayed-release capsule is 100% vegetarian, and employs a special coating technology that protects against stomach acids. This is especially critical for acid-sensitive ingredients like probiotic bacteria, and allows our probiotic formula to travel to the gut safe and sound, where it can provide the most benefits.

The Menokit is the perfect bundle for women who are looking to make their menopause an easier, slimmer and more energetic one.

So, why do over 200,000 women love our Menokit Bundle?

  • Perfect Bundle For A Slimmer, Easier Menopause
  • Accelerated Weight Management Results
  • Manages Hot Flashes and Night Sweats Easily
  • Fight Back Against Menopausal Fatigue
  • Keeps Brain Fog At Bay
  • Prevents Mood Swings and Improves Overall Mood
  • Naturally Reduces Inflammatory Levels
  • Rebalance Hormonal Levels Naturally
  • Save More When Buying the Bundle

The Menokit Bundle is made with all natural ingredients. This makes it safe for long-term consumption. Additionally, it is:


stimulant and caffine free GMO and Hormone free 100% Natural Gluten free Vegan Keto Friendly Paleo Friendly

Our Menokit is 100% organic, which makes it an affordable solution to many menopausal symptoms.

Compared to these alternatives, our Menokit Bundle is not only natural, it’s also gentle on the body, unlike other solutions for menopause symptoms:

HRT —- Our Menokit Bundle stabilizes hormonal levels naturally, which makes it a suitable alternative for women who are looking for a solution to menopausal symptoms without having to undergo HRT. The Menokit’s ingredients are 100% natural, and are completely hormone-free.

Bariatric Surgery — With the help of the blend of natural ingredients that manages weight naturally, our customers have found the Menokit to be more effective, more affordable and less invasive than having to go through bariatric surgery as a solution for menopausal weight gain. The essential vitamins also help fight fatigue, and many of our customers have started working out more as a result of the newfound energy.

Coffee and Energy Drinks — The Menokit’s blend of essential herbs and vitamins provides a clean, natural boost of energy that lasts throughout the day. Unlike other energy alternatives, our Menokit does not cause you to “crash” after the energy boost. It can work effectively without caffeine. But when taken with caffeine, it can amplify and prolong its benefits while also reducing crash and jitters.

Long-term medications —- The Menokit’s natural blend of ingredients makes it suitable for long-term usage, and it doesn’t have any major side effects. Additionally, most of the ingredients in the bundle have anti-inflammatory benefits, and our customers who are dealing with joint pains have reported it being a more gentle and natural alternative to painkillers.

Suggested Use

Provitalize, Previtalize and inergyPLUS each contains a 30-day supply (60 capsules) each.

Take 2 capsules of Provitalize, Previtalize and inergyPLUS every morning with or without food. Customers have generally observed the best effects when they take after waking for at least 60 days.

Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is not required.



What’s the difference between Provitalize, Previtalize and inergyPLUS?
Provitalize supports the body’s natural lean mass with its thermogenic probiotics and herbs.

Previtalize prebiotic acts as food for the probiotic, helping them grow and colonize faster, while supporting your body with better stress management, lowered cravings and better sleep.

inergyPLUS is an advanced energy enhancer supplement that supports healthy mitochondria functions. Great for people who want to maximize their energy levels and improve their mental clarity.

Taking 3 of them together can help to boost the efficacy of the probiotics while providing even more support to digestion and impact on energy levels.
When can I experience results?

While some customers started seeing results in as early as 1 week, everyone’s body is unique so individual results may vary.

We recommend supplementing with a healthy lifestyle to see the best results.

Within the first few consumption, most customers tend to experience:

  • Less craving for junk food
  • Better control over their appetite
  • More energy to workout and focus
  • Better digestion
  • Less inflammatory pain in places like joints
  • Positive results in areas like skin, hair or nails

Generally, customers on this bundle have seen faster results when by eating a healthy diet and leading an active lifestyle.
How do I take these supplements?
We recommend taking 2 capsules of Provitalize, 2 capsules of Previtalize and 2 capsules of inergyPLUS every day in the morning when you wake up.
Do I need to refrigerate the bottles?
No refrigeration needed. Our product is shelf-stable at room temperature and can last around 2 years upon delivery.

Kindly store in a cool, dry place to preserve maximum potency.
Is this a one-time purchase?
We offer a one-time purchase and an autoship option.

Our one-time option means you won’t be charged again in subsequent months. If you enjoy the product, you can re-order from this page again anytime.

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