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Could a parasite be to blame for your food cravings and weight gain?

Digestive health experts have developed a safe, natural way of wiping out this parasite for fewer food cravings and easier weight loss.

On this page discover exactly what it is and how to get it for yourself.

Dear Friend,

Think your weight problems are due to a lack of self control? Eating too many calories? Not enough exercise?

The REAL reason may surprise you.

Neuroscientists have discovered it’s not actually YOU that’s in control of your cravings.

It’s not your brain that decided you wanted that sugary bagel on the way to work, which you knew would add to the extra inches on your waistline.

There's An Invader In Your Gut. A Parasite.

There's An Invader In Your Gut. A Parasite.

A parasite that sends messages, demanding to be fed more of the carbs, sugars and junk foods that help it grow, spread and multiply.

This microscopic pest could be spreading in your gut right now, and you wouldn’t even know it.

Yet, scientists have warned that unless this tiny pest is eradicated, you'll never be free of your cravings for pizza, bagels and sugar loaded junk foods.

Even worse, if it’s allowed to continue growing it can wreck havoc to your immune system, liver and even your brain.

Bloating, IBS, Leaky Gut And Even Brain Fog Are All Warning Signs There Could Be Parasites In Your Gut.

Thankfully, recent breakthroughs in microbiology have led to the development of a natural protocol that can wipe out this parasite and free you from debilitating food cravings.

A protocol that solves the 3 key reasons why similar protocols failed in the past.

A protocol so powerful, that when following it you can look forward to…

Your food addiction fading away…

Kickstarting your metabolism into overdrive...

Toxic visceral fat being released from your body’s cells…

Your entire digestive tract rejuvenating, so you get more nutrition from the healthy foods that you do eat…

And you can finally gain your dream body shape with less of the pain, misery or frustration of dieting.

In this article you can discover exactly what this protocol is, the 3 key reasons why it’s more effective than similar solutions and how you can get it for yourself.

We’ve Been Treating Weight Loss Wrong All Along!

If you’ve struggled to lose weight up until now, you need to know it’s not your fault.

If you’ve been jumping from diet to diet...

Followed one complicated meal plan after another...

Cut out all your favorite foods…

Religiously counted your calories…

Exercised to the point of exhaustion...

And STILL found it impossible to lose weight and, more importantly, keep it off because of gnawing food cravings...

You need to know that...

It’s Gut Microbes That Control Hunger. Not Your Brain!

Inside your gut is an ecosystem of trillions of tiny microbes.

It’s like a rainforest in which they all compete for space to live and food to eat.

Collectively, it’s called the microbiome.

It’s where hormones are made and “feel good” reward chemicals like dopamine are produced. It’s like a control room where messages on what foods to eat, our mood, and how hungry we feel are decided upon before they’re sent up the vagus nerve to the brain.[1]

As Dr Aktipis, from the Arizona State University Department of Psychology, notes: “Microbes have the capacity to manipulate behaviour and mood through altering the neural signals in the vagus nerve, changing taste receptors, producing toxins to make us feel bad and releasing chemical rewards to make us feel good.”[2]

So you see, it’s the quantity and quality of certain gut microbes that determine every aspect of your health.

The different types of microbes are constantly struggling for dominance.

Sadly, for many people…

It’s The BAD Microbes That Have Taken Control.

A team of neuroscientists from the Champalimaud Center in Lisbon, Portugal, recently discovered just how much control gut microbes have over our appetite.[3]

They analyzed how gut microbes trigger cravings for specific foods. And they were shocking to discover that a particular type of gut bacteria can trigger uncontrollable cravings for sugar.

They analyzed how gut microbes trigger cravings for specific foods. And they were shocking to discover that a particular type of gut bacteria can trigger uncontrollable cravings for sugar.

The first was a study done on almost 300 Danes. It found a direct link between obesity and a lack of bacterial diversity. And that…

People With Fewer Types Of Gut Bacteria Have A Higher Risk Of Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes And Heart Disease.

The second study was done on 49 overweight French people. The French are supposed to be paragons of healthy eating; yet it appears even they’ve succumbed to the ravages of the processed food industry. The study found that French people who ate a lot of processed food had depleted gut bacteria, putting them at higher risk of obesity and chronic disease.

There’s one microbe in particular that has functional doctors, like Dr. Josh Axe and Dr. Mercola, deeply worried it may trigger a global digestive health crisis.

As it’s been discovered that when levels of bad gut bacteria get too high, it allows another menace to get out of control.

This Microbe Is Actually A Fungus.

A pathogenic yeast that’s normally harmless.

But if it’s allowed to grow, spread and multiply, it can break down the walls of the intestinal lining and get into the bloodstream.[5]

And rather than tell the brain to feed on more vegetables, fruit and whole grains - the foods we should be eating to stay fit, healthy and well - it does the opposite.

It triggers MASSIVE cravings for sugar.[6]

It has a name.


The more candida spreads, the more control it has over your food cravings. And the more you yearn for pizza, breads, bagels, and all the sugar and carb rich foods we know are bad for us but can’t stop eating.[7]

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, you may be suffering from a candida overgrowth right now:

  • Constant infections and allergies
  • Recurring skin disorders
  • Brain fog
  • Bloated belly and gas
  • Joint pain
  • Insatiable hunger
  • Need for caffeine
  • Constant low energy[7]

If you have 2 or 3 of these symptoms, you’re not out of the ordinary. The ugly truth is that people’s microbiomes are in worse states than we’re being told.

As the root cause is something we’ve been given since kids in the belief it’s making us healthy, yet could be doing the reverse.


Taking antibiotics is like dropping napalm bombs on your gut’s rainforest. They completely wipe out nearly ALL your gut bacteria. And sadly, it’s typically the good ones that get killed off first.

This leaves an open field for dastardly, junk food craving candida and its minions to take control.

And this war for the gut is being fought on a nationwide scale.

A study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found a direct match between states that prescribed the most antibiotics and obesity.[8]

Thankfully, there’s a way to turn the tide.

Recent breakthroughs in microbiology mean we should begin understanding how the microbiome works and what needs to be done to keep it healthy.

Even better is that a 100% natural protocol has been developed that can replenish the ranks of the good guys, so they rise up and reclaim control of your vagus nerve.

And when they do, your cravings for sugars and carbs can recede…

Your portion sizes at meal times get smaller…

The pounds start to fall off the scales…

And you can unleash all manner of remarkable health improvements throughout your body.

It’s Time To Regain Control Of Your Gut, Weight And Health.

For many overweight people, this protocol for rebalancing the gut can’t come soon enough.

Alice is your average middle aged woman who found getting to her ideal weight an unwinnable battle.

She’d tried Atkins, keto, paleo and even went vegan for a few weeks.

But every time she thought she’d closed the door on her food cravings, they’d mercilessly kick their way back and destroy her willpower. Food binges soon followed, and rebound weight with a vengeance.

Alice’s weight problems were so severe that she also suffered from joint pain. Adding to her sense of shame was that she had to carry a bottle of laxatives around to sip from to relieve the constipation from chronic painkiller use.[9]

All in all, she was in a miserable place.

Eventually, Alice decided she couldn’t go on like this. And went to her doctor for advice on how she could break the chains of her food addiction.

He measured her weight, checked her blood pressure, took some notes and suggested she cut down on calories and get more exercise...

The SAME advice she’d been given for the last ten years!

She Knew That Dieting Had Less Than A Snowball’s Chance In Hell Of Working.

Alice left the doctor’s office close to tears.

Would she ever be rid of the disheartening pounds of fat that never seemed to disappear?

With nothing to lose, Alice decided natural therapy was worth a shot. And went to see a naturopath.

When she stepped into the naturopath’s office, she was amazed by the vast array of bottles containing brightly colored herbs, plant extracts and ingredients she didn’t recognize. It was a parallel world to her mainstream doctor’s sterile office.

When she confessed to the naturopath about the misery her relentless cravings, joint pain and constipation were giving her, the naturopath nodded in understanding.

She then explained something Alice’s mainstream doctor had never even mentioned...

Her Weight And Health Problems All Originated In Her Gut.

Her Weight And Health Problems All Originated In Her Gut.

It was candida that was making her crave junk food.

It was candida that made her constantly feel hungry, no matter how much she ate.

It was candida that was causing her glucose to spike…

Her insulin to skyrocket…

And her body’s cells to get clogged up with toxic, inflammation spreading visceral fat.

When Alice heard all this she felt a mixture of relief and disgust.

Relief that she now knew why her dieting attempts had failed in the past.

Disgust to think there was a parasite in control of her gut, brain, and food cravings.

The naturopath then explained how...

Everything That Happens In The Microbiome Affects Everything Else.

When your microbiome is out of balance it causes:

  • Your hormones to go haywire
  • Your body to suffer from nutrient deficiencies
  • Your skin to blemish and wrinkle
  • Energy levels to plummet
  • Brain fog
  • Bloating and indigestion

...and the list went on and on.

The vital thing for Alice to know was this: Unless she rebalanced her gut bacteria she would NEVER resolve her weight problems or other health issues.

The Naturopath Then Gave Alice A Strict Diet To Follow, Known As The GAPS Diet.

The GAPS diet is designed to starve bad bacteria of the carbs and sugars that feed them.

The GAPS diet is designed to starve bad bacteria with fermented foods, like sauerkraut, kefir, pickles and natural yogurt. But while GAPS has a strong track record of helping people rebalance their gut and remedy leaky gut, IBS, and celiac disease, it has a MAJOR setback…

The Gaps Diet Is Brutally Tough To Follow.

Alice did her best.

But she found having to prepare fermented foods at home hugely time consuming. Going cold turkey on sugars and carbs also left her feeling drained, hungry and miserable.

She needed a better solution.

So Alice jumped on Google to do her own research.

After burning the midnight oil, she made a breakthrough. She discovered she could boost her good bacteria with a probiotic supplement.

Probiotics Are Like Swallowing Armies Of Good Bacteria To Parachute In And Replenish The Ranks.

Probiotics Are Like Swallowing Armies Of Good Bacteria To Parachute In And Replenish The Ranks.

She also discovered probiotics can help her lose weight in three key ways:

1. The Release of GLP-1

This is an appetite reducing hormone, which helps reduce blood sugar levels. Some studies also suggest it helps burn fat as energy.

2. Increases ANGPTL4

This is a protein believed to help decrease the amount of fat the body keeps stored in its cells.

3. Reduce inflammation in the brain

It’s now believed that another key cause of obesity is inflammation in the brain, which probiotics may help reduce.

After reading this, Alice’s hopes started to rise.

Would taking a probiotic finally solve her weight and joint pain problems? She thought it was worth a try.

So she went to her local food store to get a tub of probiotics with the most impressive sounding claims on the bottle. She then took one diligently every day for a month.


Nothing Happened.

Her cravings were as relentless as ever.

Her belly fat as stubborn as before.

The nagging ache in her joints just as gruelling.

And there was no let up in her bloating, constipation or diarrhea either!

Alice felt betrayed. Cheated. A victim of clever marketing claims over reality.

But Alice is a stubborn lady. She wasn’t ready to give up.

She jumped back on Google to try and find out why the probiotics hadn’t worked. Was there a vital ingredient they were missing?

She soon discovered that just because it says “probiotic” on the label doesn’t mean it’s going to be effective at boosting healthy gut bacteria.

Sadly, the huge rise in obesity and digestive problems has created a huge demand for probiotics. And supplement manufacturers are only too happy to take advantage.

But their glee at cutting corners to push up profits has resulted in a glut of dodgy pills that barely work.

Alice soon discovered that for a probiotic to be effective it must contain lots of different strains of probiotics AND a high colony-forming units (CFU).

If you’re over 40, deal with a lot of stress, travel a lot or can’t always eat a good diet, you should look for a probiotic with at least 50 billion CFU.

What’s more, Alice’s research revealed there are 3 key qualities a probiotic MUST have for it to be effective (which are also the 3 key reasons why most probiotic supplements are useless):

1. Contains L Gasseri Sbt2055, The Key Probiotic For Weight Loss

There are lots of claims and theories about how probiotics help with weight loss. A dream team of Japanese scientists decided to put them to the test.

In labs across the country, they conducted a gold standard double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study of the probiotic strain L Gasseri SBT2055.

Overweight subjects were given either a fermented milk containing the probiotic or a fermented milk without it. They then drank it daily for 12 weeks.

At the end of the trial, the subjects dutifully arrived back to be assessed.

At the end of the trial, the subjects dutifully arrived back to be assessed.

In fact, there was an average weight reduction of 4.6% in belly fat and 1.4% reduction in body weight. And this was just from the daily probiotic, not from a brutal exercise regimen or starvation dieting.[10]

The team of Japanese scientists swiftly gave L Gasseri SBT2055 their stamp of approval.

In their study’s conclusion they stated that:

"The probiotic LG2055 showed lowering effects on abdominal adiposity, body weight and other measures, suggesting its beneficial influence on metabolic disorders."

2. Contains The “Bioavailability Booster” Bioperine

You’ve likely heard of turmeric. It’s an Indian spice that gives curry its creamy yellow color and rich flavor.

Turmeric has a long history of being used to make weight loss remedies in Ayurveda, a 3,000 year old system of medicine.

Turmeric’s ability to burn off belly fat is believed to be due to its active ingredient curcumin.

A study at Velleja Research in Milan, Italy, led by the renowned scientist Di Pierro sought to vindicate or disprove whether curcumin can be an effective weight loss aid.

A total of 44 subjects were divided into two groups. One group was given a daily herbal remedy containing curcumin and the other a placebo. Both groups then had their weight measured after 60 days.[11]

Di Pierro and his team were delighted to discover that the group given the curcumin natural remedy had:

  • Lost up to 4.91% of their weight
  • Up to a 8.43% reduction in their body fat
  • Up to a 4.14% reduction in their waistline

In other words, they were significantly slimmer and healthier. And this was just from their daily curcumin remedy.

Keen not to be seen to be exaggerating his study’s findings, D Pierro dryly noted:

"Our findings suggest that a bioavailable form of curcumin is well-tolerated and can positively influence weight management in overweight people."

Sounds amazing, right?

3. Delayed-release Capsules

To have a chance of reaching your colon in one piece, probiotics have to survive being dunked in your stomach’s acid bath, being doused in gastric juices, and then pounded by your gut lining.

Unless the capsule is “delayed-release” it won’t hold together long enough for its probiotic troops to be released into the gut. Instead, it will do little more than make expensive pee.

But delayed-release capsules are expensive to make.

And unscrupulous manufacturers are prone to using low grade capsules that are little better than sugar pills, despite their high price.

So even if its says a probiotic on the label…

It contains lots of strains…

And a high CFU…

Unless the capsules are DELAYED-RELEASE they’ll never be effective at providing any of the health benefits claimed on the label.

Now Alice was making progress.

She now knew that for a probiotic to be effective at replenishing her good bacteria so she could regain control of her food cravings, it must have:

  • High CFU units of 50 billion or more
  • Contain the probiotic strain L Gasseri SBT2055
  • Contain the “bioavailability booster” bioperine
  • Have delayed-release capsules

Alice now had her checklist. And she spent hours checking the labels and reviews of every probiotic she could find.

Many times she’d get close, only to discover the capsules were poor quality, they did not contain bioperine or the key weight loss probiotic L Gasseri SBT2055.

There were times when she was close to giving up.

But Alice had invested so much time, energy and hope in finding the perfect probiotic, she wasn't about to give up now she was so close.

She Struck GOLD!

She discovered a Facebook group in which they were discussing gut health and all the probiotics they’d tried. And one name stood out more than others.


Alice found some reviews to check whether the reality supported the science. And her hopes grew.

This included a review by Susan Browne from New Jersey:

“I started Provitalize six weeks ago. I did not believe that it would have any effect on my weight, and just hoped that it would put an end to my gi pain. My gi issues disappeared the first week. On average I have been losing 2 pounds per week, including that worrisome fat that settles in the middle and can lead to serious future health problems.I can honestly state that this is the first product I have encouraged all the people I care about to try.”

And feedback from Idania F, USA:

"This is probably the best weight loss/feel good supplement I've ever taken and believe me, I've tried a bunch of them...In two weeks, my gut has reduced significantly and my cravings have subsided bigtime.. I feel energy but it's not the type of energy you get from energy pills that make you feel like you're harming your body. Even my husband who is my biggest critic has noticed a big difference so he started taking them, Im still in awe, it was nearly impossible for me lose a pound starving myself and exercising and in the last two weeks I’ve dropped almost 4 lbs.. im 42."

Having been burned before, Alice was still cautious. Did these testimonials sound too good to be true?

So she checked Provitalize against her list and was delighted to discover it ticked all the boxes!

She promptly ordered it online.

Within a few days of taking it, she noticed how her appetite and hunger were changing.

The nagging yearning for sugars and carbs started to fade…

Her gnawing food cravings reduced to barely a murmur…

Her portion sizes got smaller…

She stopped snacking between meals…

Then before she knew it, she’d lost 25lbs of ugly fat from her belly, thighs and upper arms.

And as her diet improved and her gut microbiome recovered, all sorts of remarkable changes happened in Alice’s body.

Carrying less weight around reduced the strain on her joints....

She got off her painkillers….

Until finally she could throw her bottle of laxatives in the trash, freeing her of the embarrassing constipation that had dogged her life for so long.

And as the pounds started to fall of the scales, her clothes started to feel looser…

Her face thinner and her cheeks more defined…

And pounds of ugly fat from her belly, thighs and upper arms melted away.

Alice almost couldn’t believe the transformation she saw in the mirror.

And she felt immense relief knowing she’d never have to endure another starvation diet again, now that her gut microbiome was in perfect balance.

Alice isn’t the only person to have experienced huge changes to their hunger, body weight and all round health from Provitalize...

Don't Take Our Word For It! Watch What Our Customers Had To Say Themselves

What is Provitalize™?

Provitalize is a Weight Loss Focused Probiotic that helps you reduce weight loss resistance.

It has all the benefits of normal Probiotics:

  • Improves gut health
  • Re-balances good bacteria count
  • Promotes strong immunity

And also cuts out dangerous visceral fat formation around your belly, hips and thighs (curbing cravings in the process). [18]

Provitalize meets the complex needs of the brain-gut-fat connection and includes 5 key fat-fighting ingredients for a natural way to lose weight sustainably & naturally.

We use a 256-bit secure shopping cart where 100% of your data is encrypted, safe and secure. This is the same data security standard used by most banks, government and military organisations.

Introducing 3 Specific Strains Of Probiotics That Combat Bad Bacteria & Disrupt Fat Formation In Your Gut!

A Natural "Booster Shot" For Skyrocketing Your Body's Immunity: B. Lactis R101-8 - 17.2 Billion CFUs

Probiotic Super Strain #1: B. Lactis

This powerhouse probiotic bacteria plays a key role in your overall immunity.

Clinical, randomized-controlled studies show that B. Lactis helps to improve digestive problems and has positive effects on metabolism.[12]

This helps to support:

  • Healthy body-mass indexes
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Cardiovascular health levels

Daily ingestion of milk containing B.Lactis also significantly reduced the BMI, total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein, and inflammatory markers in humans.[13]

We've hand-selected this particular strain to aid ladies who often fall sick, are more prone to infections and want to fight through flu season with confidence.

Increase Your Metabolism & Feel Like You're In Your 20's Again: B. Breve IDCC4401 - 50 Billion CFUs

Clinical trials have shown that B. Breve helps to:

  • Suppress bodyweight accumulation
  • Supports healthy cholesterol
  • Regulates blood sugar levels to prevent excessive rapid weight gain
  • Better response to sugar, and even
  • Regulate stress hormones

In fact, key research shows that B. breve significantly lowered fat mass and improved γ-glutamyltranspeptidase and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein in adults with a tendency for obesity. [14]

This means you'll be able to treat yourself to occasional snacks without feeling that guilty pinch from your conscience.

As a bonus, B. Breve also stimulates your immune system, inhibits E. coli, and suppresses the fungus Candida (responsible for yeast infections & a significant contributor to "leaky gut" syndrome). [15]

Start Disrupting Fats In Your Gut & "Poop" Out Unhealthy Lipids: L. Gasseri SBT2055 - 1 Billion CFUs

Probiotic Super Strain #3: L.Gasseri

L. gasseri is a probiotic that recently gained in popularity, due to its weight-reducing, obesity and metabolic syndrome-combating properties. This amazing probiotic boosts your immunity, helps with allergies, and has many other beneficial propertie

Lactobacillus gasseri is reported to help reduce the accumulation of belly fat, prevent fat from being stored and speed up metabolism. A study on 210 Japanese adults published in the British Journal of Nutrition in November 2013 found that this supplement could help to decrease body weight.[16]

The study showed that consumption for 12 weeks of fermented milk containing the probiotic, Lactobacillus gasseri resulted in substantially reduced abdominal fat compared to the placebo control group.

Another study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition of 87 adults with high BMI (Body Mass Index) and abdominal fat were given

Lactobacillus gasseri enriched milk for twelve weeks.[17]

The result of the study showed a decrease of abdominal fat, body weight and waist size.

What Customers Say After Trying Provitalize For 30 Days!

" I have not finished my first bottle yet, but I already see a drastic difference in my hair, skin, and nails. I have had acne since I was a teenager continuing on into adult hood and although I have gotten better at managing it with diet, it is still a problem. My skin is the clearest it has been in years. "

Erinn W Better Digestion, Less Inflammation, Health Improved

"Overall, I have generally felt better after 4 weeks of Provitalize. I will not proclaim to have lost weight or had illnesses healed, however, i believe this supplement is working. I am even considering stopping three other supplements I currently use as a result, which is quite a cost savings. "

Leah K. More Energy, Better Mood, Health Improved

" It's taken 10 yrs to find a product that has helped me to lose the 20 plus pound's I put on after I hit the age 55. I can't tell you how frustrated I was during those 10 yrs and then how excited I felt when I started Previtalize and the pounds started coming off and I had a renewed sense of energy. "

Joyce B. Appetite In Control, Better Digestion, Less Cravings, Weight Loss, Increased Metabolism

What Is Being Free Of Food Addiction And Gaining Your Ideal Body Weight Worth To You?

When Provitalize is sold in stores, it will retail for $99 for a 30-day supply.

That’s about $3 a day. And the truth is, that’s what it should sell for due to the high-quality ingredients and the cost of manufacturing delayed-release capsules.

That’s about $3 a day. And the truth is, that’s what it should sell for due to the high-quality ingredients and the cost of manufacturing delayed-release capsules.

Consider Provitalize the healthy replacement for a Breakfast Sandwich at Starbucks.

We use a 256-bit secure shopping cart where 100% of your data is encrypted, safe and secure. This is the same data security standard used by most banks, government and military organisations.

Our Better Body 100% Money Back, 60 Day Guarantee

Order right now with confidence! At The Better Body Co., we take your results seriously. We stand behind every product we make. So, one of our core beliefs is that you should NEVER have to pay for something that doesn’t work for you. That’s why we’ll give you 60 days to try Provitalize, absolutely risk-free.

Try Provitalize and if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back! There’s absolutely no-risk in giving it a try.

Starvation Dieting Will Never Help You Lose Weight Long-term. Healing Your Gut Microbiome Will.

The bottom line is unless you rebalance your gut with good bacteria, you will never be able to reduce the food cravings for carbs and sugars that are keeping you overweight and at higher risk of chronic disease.

On this page you’ve discovered why your food cravings originate in your gut, not your brain.

You’ve read about the scientific research that’s proven why eating a diet high in processed food ruins your gut microbiome and makes you crave carbs and sugars more and more.

And you now know why the probiotics you may have tried in the past were ineffective, and why a probiotic must:

Contain the probiotic strain L Gasseri SBT2055 Contain the “bioavailability booster” BioPerine Have delayed-release capsules

Provitalize ticks every box. It has the proven science, optimized ingredients list and track record to support its claims to being the most thorough and effective probiotic on the market.

And via this website you can get a 33% discount on the recommended retail price, along with a bonus guide on improving your gut microbiome and accelerating your weight loss through your diet.

So now you’re faced with a choice:

You can continue jumping from diet to diet, battling with your food cravings or wasting your money on supplements that barely work.

Or you can give Provitalize a try. For nearly $1 less than a Breakfast Sandwich at Starbucks, you can be feeding your body with premium grade probiotics that rejuvenate your gut bacteria so you can finally regain control of your cravings and lose weight without the pain of dieting.

Your purchase of Provitalize is protected with a 60 day money back guarantee. So you either succeed at vanquishing your food addiction and achieving your ideal body weight or you get a full refund.

If, at any time, you’re less than thrilled with Provitalize, simply let us know and we will give you every penny back.

You deserve to feel happy and confident when you look in the mirror. Provitalize can help you achieve it. Soon your weight loss struggles can be over, and a new dawn of being healthy, happy and in control of your body can begin.

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We use a 256-bit secure shopping cart where 100% of your data is encrypted, safe and secure. This is the same data security standard used by most banks, government and military organisations.

More reviews from our customers

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P.S. If the candida parasite has taken control of your vagus nerve, you will forever suffer from cravings for junk food. It must be eliminated, and Provitalize can feed your gut microbiome with key bacteria that help you regain control of your gut and your health.

P.P.S. Provitalize provides 3 key advantages of off-the-shelf probiotic supplements. It contains the vital probiotic strain L Gasseri SBT2055, has the “bioavailability booster” BioPerine and its delayed-release capsules ensure its contents reach your gut. You also get a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, so there’s no risk in giving Provitalize a try.

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