7 Quick & Easy Tips For Weight Loss Over 40

weight loss over 40

Weight loss over 40 is one of the major concerns in older adults. As your age increases, the metabolic rate slows gradually thus slowing the process of burning calories.

Hormonal changes, particularly in women, make losing weight quite harder than the young ages. However, don't plan for a bigger wardrobe simply because your weight is increasing. It is possible to lose weight after 40, and, you can achieve this without as much struggle as you'd imagine.

Follow our 7 quick and easy tips for weight loss and get your desired body size.

1. Get Enough Sleep To Burn Calories

As a menopausal woman or hard working man above aged 40 and above, you have probably noticed that sleep becomes more elusive with age. It's not because you are more stressed or busier. At this age, your body has several issues- from night sweats to snoring which significantly interrupts the smooth sleep.

Paradoxically, getting adequate sleep is one of the precise methods of losing weight. In recent research, lack of sleep has been directly linked to weight gain since hormones control the two actions. Numerous statistics show that sleep duration is one of the critical determiners of body metabolism and weight.

Weight loss for women over 40 sleep

There's still more. Recent studies have stated that the body becomes metabolically active when we sleep.[1] Also, sleeping in less than 6 hours impairs the glucose tolerance; hence puts you to diabetes risk. So, as you get older, try as much as possible to get enough sleep, and you will eventually maintain your healthy weight.

2. Get Tested For Any Thyroid Diseases

Would you be surprised to learn that 1 in every 5 adults above 40 years has thyroid problems? And out 7 out of 10 of the people are women?[2]

Hypothyroidism is one of the primary reasons why women over 40 don't lose weight quickly. So how do you know if you are a victim? Thyroid symptoms include clammy hands, feeling cold most of the times, lethargy and tiredness, hair loss and above all weight gain despite the countless attempts of healthy eating and exercise.

As an adult, the initial step to lose weight is seeking doctor advice. A thyroid test will be conducted. A research done by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) shows that 70% of adults aged 40 and above tested positive for thyroid related diseases. So, visit your endocrinologist, get checked and be advised on the weight loss methods suitable for you.

3. Pay Attention To The Portion Sizes

Losing weight after 40 by eating smaller portions

At this stage of your life, your primary goal is to stay full without getting the food temptation you had 20 years ago. A key weight loss advised by internist Julie Taw of New Jersey, Englewood, is to take frequent meals. The regular meals help in maintaining a steady sugar level in the blood. Hence you don't experience fatigue.

This is the rule: try taking five to six small meals each day, and don't stay for more than four hours without eating. This is an effective and quick way of losing weight as it trucks the body into feeling well fed and satisfied all times, although you are taking only small amounts.

4. Exercise To Strengthen Your Muscles

If you have a large muscle mass, your metabolism will be useful in burning the calories. However, the body muscles tend to weaken with an as you age. This means that you should practice regularly to facilitate muscles to burn more calories.

A study report published in International Journal of Medical Informatics shows that aged women and even men who visit the gym more often tend to remain physically fit and face weight gain issues. The key here is to maintain a long-term workout program; if you can't access a gym, you can use other tools like an exercise ball, or ankle weights. Remain active as much as possible, and gradually, you will build those glutes, deltoids, biceps, and abs to help you fight the unwanted weight gain.

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5. Make Slow And Realistic Lifestyle Changes

Let's assume that you want to reduce 10 pounds. This is equivalent to burning 35,000 calories- a large number that might require you to jog for 53 hours, walk for 125 hours or even starve yourself for two weeks. Is this possible? Absolutely no. The attempts might even sabotage your efforts by slowing down your metabolism.

This is how you can shed weight effectively. Set realistic goals- you can plan to lose 1 or 2 pounds every week for the next 10 weeks. Susan Weiner,a registered nutritionist, and dietitian states that the slow and steady approach is more effective in reducing weight. The ultimate secret of combating weight gain when you are over 40 years is by making small changes daily.

6. Manage Stress

It is not easy to lose weight while you are stressed. This is because cortisol- a stress hormone is released when you are stressed. Practice yoga to relieve stress. Studies conducted by Harvard University researchers' shows that yoga releases chemicals that elevate your moods; thus is useful for enhancing weight loss.

Also, spend, more time in nature to relieve your mind from the routine activities. Research suggests that listening to the nature sounds helps in reducing cortisol thus helps in weight management.

7. Take Probiotics To Improve Your Gut Health

Losing weight after 40 with probiotics.png

Using probiotics for weight loss is based on proven clinical research. In fact, most of the weight loss success stories are based on the use of probiotics. Probiotics enhance weight loss on the obese adults and even get rid of the stubborn abdominal fat. Michaels J, a once obesity victim, explains how he managed his weight "I used to consume less than 2 cups (200 grams) of fermented milk daily, and shed 40 pounds in four months)."

So what probiotics can you consume? 

You should take probiotic strains that have been proven to help patients lose weight in clinical studies. For instance, Lactobacillus gasseri (L. gasseri) was found to reduce patients' abdominal fat by 8.5% over a 12 week study. That's around 3 inches off their belly.

Using weight loss probiotics from recent clinical studies, we at Better Body Co. have formulated a 3-strain probiotic supplement called Provitalize. Our users have reported to lose as much as 5 pounds within a week, even without any major change in their diet or lifestyle.