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My Hips Were Slowly Killing Me - This Small Change Got Me Back To Normal

"My knees don’t ache going up and down the stairs, I've noticed significantly less swelling, stiffness and bloating! - Michelle B."

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Jennifer A.
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Tuesday 28th
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Since perimenopause started, I've struggled with hip and joint swelling.

And the swelling just seemed to get worse over time.

Eventually, the struggle with my swollen "hormonal" hip felt like it was in control of my entire life. My sleep suffered. My work suffered. I could barely get out of the house anymore....

Naturally, I went to the doctor who had a few suggestions but he hardly took me seriously.

After I pestered him enough he gave in and ran an arthritis test. But it came back negative.

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Which was confusing because I thought for sure it was something genetic. When my mom was in her 50’s I remember her hobbling around because her hips gave her so much grief.

I was running out of ideas.

All I knew was that my hips aches were here to stay.

And I’m not sold on taking something that could have serious side effects. I’m looking for a more holistic approach to my joint aches.

And I know I’m not the only one.

It turns out there are many reasons why joints might be swollen. And they're often misdiagnosed. Especially for women over 40.

In fact, women are up to 4 times as likely as men to develop some issue with their hips and tendons.

The main culprit? Menopause.

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Thanks to more advanced science we now know that menopause can accelerate the wear and tear on our joints.

This is because estrogen levels help keep tendons healthy.

So as estrogen levels decline, our tendons become weaker.

The result?

Aches that make walking up stairs miserable.

If there was a way to live limber and energetic again, you’d want to know about it right?

For me the answer was 100% YES!

Well I finally discovered a breakthrough for better joint health.

For the first time, I've been able to forget about my swollen hip – safely, easily, and 100% naturally.

What is It?

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Provitalize is a synergistic blend of natural herbs and probiotics that combats the root cause of swollen hormonal hips.

The first thing I noticed is that I can move more freely. I no longer deal with aches on my walks. I can even run again.

At the same time, the probiotics help with swelling. I've also noticed that I lost a few pounds and had fewer cravings.

But a big deal is that I can sleep so much better now.

The best way I can describe it is that Provitalize gets rid of all the bad changes that happened once I hit perimenopause. Now I can live my life like I want to... and it feels great.

So How Does It Work?

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Simply put, Provitalize “has it all” when it comes to good ingredients for menopausal women.

It contains 95% Curcuminoid which is chock-full of phytoestrogens (plant-based estrogen). And it’s up to 39 times more absorbent than the regular curcumin you find at the store.

There's also Moringa and Curry leaf extracts which have been used for centuries in traditional medicine. They're full of amino acids – like proline and lysine – which are important for strong, flexible tendons.

And then you've got the probiotic strains, L.Gasseri SBT2055, B.Breve IDCC4401, and B.Lactis R101-8.

These unique strains help with a variety of things, like calcium absorption, strengthening the immune system, and regulating digestion.

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Every ingredient helps.

The phytoestrogens from 95% Curcuminoid replicate the function of estrogen and pick up the slack.

While the amino acids and probiotics help fill the gap in the reduced collagen and calcium levels that come with age.

Together, these natural ingredients support healthy joints, improve digestion, and supercharge your immune system.

I take just 2 small capsules each morning, and the nutrients are quickly absorbed. From there, they travel right to my gut and start going to work.

Who is Provitalize Good For?

Naturally, it’s quickly become a massive hit among menopausal women. Over 2 million women worldwide stand by it and they've seen support with swelling, bloating, "meno-belly" and more – but that's not all. EVERYONE can benefit from a healthier gut, right?

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It’s great for almost anyone, but those who will benefit most from Provitalize are women between 40 and 60 who are experiencing menopause-related discomfort.

Within just a few weeks of taking Provitalize, you'll notice aches start to fade into the background.

And after a few months, you'll be amazed at how much easier you can get through your daily life.

Is It Worth It?

After years of struggling with hip aches, I was ready to throw in the towel.

But Provitalize has helped me go from creaky and tired to limber and active again. I wish I knew about this natural supplement years ago. I feel like a new woman!

Try Provitalize right now – it could be the best decision you've made in years!

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What I Love About Provitalize

  • Brings my aches down to nearly zero - My hips have gone from achy to resilient thanks to Provitalize. I’m no longer afraid to take that flight of stairs or sleep on my side anymore.
  • Helps with gut support -thanks to the powerful probiotics my gut is finally back under control.
  • I feel like my active self again - The biggest surprise is how much energy I have now. I’m even back to walking in the morning.
  • I’ve even gone down two dress sizes - Thanks to all the extra energy and the gut support.
  • I’m enjoying where I am in life - Thanks to Provitalize now I feel like I know what it means to age gracefully.
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Kristy Penney

5 Stars +Verified Buyer

"I have been taking Provitalize for about 3 months now. I have to say, I haven't felt this good since my early 30's. The bloating has gone down, using the washroom has become more regular and just the overall feelings of happiness has returned! My husband has seen such a positive improvement in my overall health. I'm interacting more with people, moving more as the joint aches have diminished a great deal and enjoy being alive! I recommend this product to anyone who wants to just smile again. My life is forever changed. Thank you!"

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Melissa Aris

5 Stars +Verified Buyer

"I started taking Provitalize about 3 months ago. I started because it's natural and had all the ingredients that I had been researching. It has helped me to sleep better, helped my joint aches and has helped me get past the blasted plateau I hit every time I try to lose weight. I just turned 45 and it felt like middle age was suddenly on me. After adding Provitalize to my regular routine I have improved by leaps and bounds. "

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Sally A.

5 Stars +Verified Buyer

"Before trying Provitalize I was at my wit's end,,my body and joints we're aching daily, my stomach was so extended and bloated. I had literally NO energy or motivation to do anything! I decided to give it a try as I had nothing to lose,,a month on and I feel so much better!! I'm actually getting my movement and motivation back, my cravings have almost gone for chocolate and my stomach is slowly going down and have less stomach fat!! Best of all my joints arn't aching near as much! Definitely recommend people try this product, it does work!!"