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What Makes This Miracle Formula the ‘Flat Tummy’ Breakthrough For Menopausal Women? What Makes This Miracle Formula the ‘Flat Tummy’ Breakthrough For Menopausal Women?

Demand is soaring for this natural hysterectomy formula that’s already helped over 2 million women.

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But what makes this the most sought-after remedy of 2023?

When you look at the stats, the answer is clear.

Over 600K women get hysterectomies every year which creates a major problem. Weight gain caused by early menopause.

That’s where BB Company’s supplement Provitalize shines.

This unique formula has helped over 2,000,000 women win the fight against unwanted weight gain and more!

Some women are even saying they've noticed other benefits like:

  • Less bloating
  • Improved hot flashes
  • And higher energy levels

And based on thousands of 5-star reviews these positive changes are here to stay.

A recent study1 showed that 73% of women are not treating their menopause symptoms despite the negative effects on their lifestyle.

Since 65% of women don’t see hormone therapy as a choice…

Could Provitalize be the post-hysterectomy and menopausal solution women need?

Rita's Story

"I can't say enough about Provitalize. I am 55 and have been taking it for about 5 months and it literally has changed my life."

You see, Rita is a special case. She had a hysterectomy which forced her to take hormone blockers. The result? Serious health issues that she couldn’t shake.

And Rita’s not alone. Hysterectomies can trigger early menopause symptoms, like hot flashes, weight gain and bloating.

Rita continues:

"The hot flashes were raging. I tried EVERYTHING from diet, supplements, weird bio cell testing, not eating....... I was bloated all the time and was about to give up and succumb to the idea that this is my life now."

It's no surprise that Provitalize worked where all else failed.

This all-natural supplement is the #1 go-to solution for controlling the worst of what menopause can throw at you.

Women who've tried Provitalize report that in as little as 6-8 weeks, their weight is finally in control. And what's more, they also notice more energy, less bloating and better sleep. It’s so amazing to see what a difference a couple of months can bring with the right solution.

Like Bronwyn:

Bronwyn W. image

Bronwyn W.

5 Stars +Verified Buyer

"After experiencing hot flushes, extremely painful and erratic periods and mood swings I tried Provitalize. After about a month I could really notice the difference it had made - I have more energy, I have had virtually no flushes and I even feel as though I have dropped some weight."

And like Deanna noticed, the support provided by Provitalize reaches far and wide:

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Deanna B.

5 Stars +Verified Buyer

"After taking this product over a few months I really have started to notice healthier, fuller hair, stronger nails, and clearer skin. This is even through the winter months."

How It Works: With Thousands of Verified 5-Star Reviews, What Makes Provitalize So Effective?

Women holding provitalize

It might be surprising that Provitalize is the saving grace for so many women.

Until you understand the science behind it.

Provitalize contains 3 strains of clinically-tested probiotics known for their positive benefits in:

  • Weight management
  • Bloating
  • Mood regulation
  • Energy
  • And more
  • B.Breve IDCC4401 - B. Breve lives in our digestive tract and studies show that B. Breve can "activate" genes that impact fat metabolism.
  • L.Gasseri SBT2055 - A study of 210 people showed an average 8.5% impact on weight after consuming L. Gasseri for a handful of weeks. This makes L.Gasseri your waistline's new best friend.
  • B.Lactis R101-8 - This special strain helps promote better digestion and cool an overactive immune response.

It also contains 95% Curcuminoid, Curry, Moringa leaf and Bioprene which is then loaded into a Delayed-Release Capsule™

The result? A complete formula that has helped over 2 million women regain control of their bodies.


Generic, Mass Market Probiotics

Provitalize Bottle
Generic Bottle
Supports healthy weight management
May contain strains that increase weight
Premium, lab-grown probiotic strains
Generic, cheap, low-quality probiotic strains
Holistic answer for root causes of menopause
Doesn’t address the root cause
Contains 68.2 billion CFU for maximum benefit
Low and ineffective probiotic count
Free from fillers, caffeine, GMO, gluten, or hormones
Uses fillers like rice flour to make the capsules look fuller
Over 2 million+ Customers Worldwide
May contain GMOs, soy, corn, caffeine and gluten

What Can Provitalize Do For Me?

It’s true. The probiotic strains in Provitalize have helped over 2 million women get control of their waistline. But if you were to read the thousands of 5-star reviews you’d notice many other benefits as well.

Feel Happy

Look And Feel More Like Yourself - Finally get the healthy weight support that only lab-tested probiotic strains can provide. After all, when you look good, you feel good.

Feel Lighter

Feel Lighter And More Regular - Thanks to the proven ingredients in Provitalize, feeling ‘backed up’ is a thing of the past.

Enjoy A Flatter Tummy

Enjoy A Flatter Tummy - Helps curb the most common causes of that stubborn menobelly. It’s no surprise that so many women report dropping a few dress sizes.

Enjoy All-Day Energy Again

Enjoy All-Day Energy Again - More energy is usually the first benefit many women notice. The clinically studied ingredients in Provitalize support healthier, more stable energy levels.

Support A Healthy, Robust Gut Microbiome

Support A Healthy, Robust Gut Microbiome - Strengthen your gut from the inside out. With a strong gut managing the worst that menopause can throw at you just got easier.

What Women Everywhere Are Saying About Provitalize

2,000,000 women (and counting) rely on Provitalize to stay in control of their weight.

Here are some of their stories:

Rachel H image

Rachel H.

5 Stars +Verified Buyer

"I have been looking for some time for a product that would help me with the weight and hot flashes that have accompanied my menopause. Within a month of taking Provitalize, I was able to get rid of the multiple supplements because taking 2 Provitalize in the morning had reduced my hot flashes as well as a significant amount of belly bloat. Very happy with the product!"

Cathryn G image

Cathryn G.

5 Stars +Verified Buyer

"I found immediate results with Provitalize. I started experiencing menopause with night sweats, lack of sleep, hot flushes and generally feeling fatigued all the time. Provitalize has stopped the night sweats and improved my sleep which has had an increase in my energy levels. I love it!!"

Julie H image

Julie H.

5 Stars +Verified Buyer

"I started taking Provitalize a few months ago as I was experiencing weight gain, hot flushes and low energy. From the first few days I saw a difference, my energy levels had improved and I felt less bloated! The customer care team were excellent with communication too...! Would highly recommend PROVITALIZE"

How to Get the Best Price On Provitalize Now

Now that you know what’s possible, here’s how to get the lowest price on Provitalize.

Money back guarantee

BB Company Is Offering a 100% Money-Back Guarantee...

You can try Provitalize completely risk-free.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, BB Company will return your investment, without any effort on your part.

That’s because they’re more than confident that their all-natural formula works like a charm.

What Does This Mean for You?

You are getting the best supplement on the market for treating menopause symptoms including weight gain, hot flashes, bloating, joint swelling, and many more...

And if you aren't 110% satisfied with Provitalize's results after a couple of months, you can ask for your money back. No hassle. No questions asked.

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