5 Reasons Why That Extra Fat Is Clinging On To You Stubbornly Despite Your Best Efforts To Shake It Off (And How You Can Implement These Small Tweaks In Your Daily Routine To Make Huge Leaps Towards Your Weight Loss Goals!)

And don’t worry, it’s not laziness, genetics, or poor discipline that’s stopping you from losing the weight you want.

If you’ve been battling with weight loss for a while…with no results despite giving it your all…

Then you’ll definitely need to read this article. Over the years, I’ve talked to several of women about their weight loss efforts and I realized one thing…

Even if they think they already know what needs to be done (like drinking enough water for example), they still don’t drink close to enough.

That’s why, if you’re not getting the results you want, I encourage you to go through every point and make a checklist to see if you’re actually getting hitting every one of them. If you are, then there’s no reason why you can’t get the younger, healthier, stronger body you want.

With that said, here are 5 things that’s possibly holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals. Starting with…

1. Not Drinking Enough Water…Leaving Your Body Constantly On The BRINK OF DEHYDRATION All The Time!

And no, I don’t mean soda, coffee, or *gasp* beer.

Just plain ol’ water. Water helps your body absorb soluble fiber and lubricate your GI tract, to keep the food you eat moving through smoothly. And that helps your body prevent constipation and bloating.

Unfortunately, a shocking 66% of Americans don’t stay hydrated enough. For a country where water is abundantly available mostly, we have no excuse.

While doctors have denounced the “8 glasses of water a day” myth, it’s still important to stay adequately hydrated…even more so if you lead an active lifestyle or stay under the sun a lot.

Thirst is your body’s way of telling you that you need to rehydrate. So drink up until you’re no longer thirsty.

Oh, and just as a benchmark, an adequately hydrated person goes to the bathroom an average of 7 times a day! So if you take regular bathroom trips and aren’t thirsty, you’re good.

2. Not Sweating Enough In The Morning To Give Your Metabolism That Much-Needed Jolt To JUMPSTART The Day On The Right Foot So That You Can Efficiently Burn Fat

Not only does waking up early help you get a fresher start for the day, working out in the morning helps you kickstart your metabolism and burn fats more easily for the rest of the day.

Get your heart rate up, blood flowing, and muscles working hard. Your body will burn more calories to help with tissue repair. Plus, circuit training and heavy-resistance training don’t take up too much time but help to burn a whooping 500 calories or more per hour.

Which is perfect to drop those extra pounds compared to regular cardio workouts.

3. Not Eating Enough Or Eating Too Much—Which Throws Your Body’s Internal Schedule Into CHAOS And Causes Your Body To Retain More Fat For Energy Reserves To Compensate

Maybe you can’t bear to waste food thinking of all the hungry children in other countries who are starving.

Or, maybe you’re always working and you barely have time to eat a proper meal.

Either ways, you’re more likely to put on extra weight.

When you undereat, you force your body into starvation mode and you will likely eat much more the next meal to make up for it. Plus your body will get used to not having enough food and will try to keep more fat reserves.

The magic number is to eat until you’re just about full (80% full). Slow down when you eat and chew more before you swallow. That way your body know exactly when it’s full and you’ll stop instead of eating past your fullness level.

4. Not Planning Your Meals Ahead—SUCKING YOUR WILLPOWER DRY Throughout The Day And Causing You To Be More Likely To Eat Late-Night Snacks And Empty Calories When You Shouldn’t

This may seem like a little nitpicky, but planning your meals ahead does help you lose weight. Not only because you can better manage the calories you take in…

But more importantly, you don’t drain willpower unnecessarily over the day while you’re deciding what to eat.

Studies have shown that even the smallest decisions take up willpower, which is a finite resource. And that why many people just want to crash on the couch and tune out at the end of the day.

Decision-making is tough. Keep your willpower stored up so you can better resist that sinful dessert at the end of the day.

5. Not Ensuring That Your Gut Bacteria Count Is Balanced Which May Lead To DIGESTIVE COMPLICATIONS Like Gas And Bloating, CONSTANT POOR MOODS Which Causes You To Eat More, And A CRAWLING METABOLISM Which Leads To Weight Gain

Every system in your body, whether it’s your brain, your lymphatic system, your nervous system, or your digestive system, is all connected. That’s why when one area goes out of balance, your entire health is affected. It’s important to focus on overall health rather than try to tackle individual symptoms one at a time.

And the key to overall health?

It all starts in your gut. When your digestive system goes out of whack, everything from your mood to stress levels and even weight gets affected. So if you have been working out and dieting but can’t seem to shed those extra pounds, this might be the one thing that you’re missing out.

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