3 Lesser-Known Reasons Why Losing Belly Fat Feels Almost Impossible

Even the world’s most popular diet plans have a 97% failure rate. That means only 3 out of every 100 people manage to hit their weight goal and keep it there.

So, you’ve probably stood in front of the mirror and pinched the fat around your waist. And at that moment, you promised yourself to lose that “spare tire” and join the ranks of magazine cover models with their beach body…

Yet months of eating salads, counting points, and after-dinner runs…you find you’re still not much closer to your dream body.

“But Dr. So-and-so said on TV that I just have to do this one thing and the fats will roll off  like a mudslide during a monsoon.”

Here’s the bad news: Dr. So-and-so doesn’t really want you to lose weight. It’s true!

The whole weight loss industry is built on snake-oil salesmen and quack doctors trying to peddle you the “latest new weight loss technology”.

We’ve all seen the embarrassment that was Shake Weights.

And these sexy new products hit the shelves and last for a month or so before disappearing into the junkyard of failed weight loss ideas.

Now, I’m not saying that losing weight is impossible or that all those products don’t necessarily work. The truth is that, losing weight takes effort…and all the half truths and confusing information out there aren’t helping you either.

But before you jump on the hype-train of weight loss fads, there are a couple of things you need to know first. So here are 3 little-known reasons why arriving at Destination: Dream Body seems almost like trying to colonize Mars.

1. Weight loss ads are hiding the truth from you

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time on the Internet, you may have come across ads like this:

And here’s what most people think:

The company has actual customers people to try their products, and then track their progress over time.

Then the before-after pictures are taken and then posted as proof that the product works.

There’s no reason to believe otherwise. After all, those before/after photos and testimonials seem so “normal”.

Unfortunately, if you think that’s what happens….you’re absolutely wrong.

The people behind those weight loss ads and testimonials you see are professionals. Models and all.

In fact, most of the models don’t even know much about what they’re selling. They just know the name of the product, have a rough idea of what it is, and a few “sound bite” statements to talk about it to the media.

And if you pull back the curtains to peer behind the scenes, you’d be wildly shocked.

The models don’t follow the same weight loss plan that they’re selling (and these plans tend to be insanely harmful to the models’ health)

Some before/after photos may even be taken on the same day, 1 hour apart!

Bottom line: Anything more than a pound or two in a week is very, very bad for your body. If you want to lose weight the healthy way and keep it off, slow and steady is the way to go.

The math is that you have to burn 3,500 calories to lose a pound of fat, spread out over a week, that means you need to eat about 500 less calories a day (or burn 500 more).

If you try to force your body to lose fat faster, it will have the opposite effect simply because…

2. Your body LOVES fat

Yes, that’s true. In fact, your body loves fat so much it will do anything to try to hold on to the fat.

Going as far as “pretending” to be in starvation mode and work overtime to regain the pounds you lose…even though it’s clear, to other people and you, that you can afford to lose some weight.

This was something weight loss scientist Joseph Proietto discovered when he gathered 50 men and women lose weight.

Ten weeks into the study, he found that the participants lost about 30 pounds on average…and at that point, the participants were to stop dieting and maintain their lower weight (even though they were still overweight).

What he found was startling, even though they were still plump, the participants had 20% higher level of “hunger hormone” Ghrelin, and lower levels of “fullness hormones” Leptin and Peptide YY.

He noted that this was the body’s coordinated defense mechanism in response to weight loss, where it desperately tries to regain all the fat that it burned off. He dubbed it the “Fat Trap“.

Basically, people who go on diets and exercise to lose weight, enter a “biologically altered state” compared to similar sized people who have never dieted. And that’s why if you’ve tried dieting and exercising alone to lose weight, you’ll find your body weight constantly fluctuating wildly, because your body is fighting against your efforts.

It’s as though if you want to lose weight, you’ll have to literally take the body of a slim person and transplant it into your body…right?

But such a surgical procedure doesn’t exist…or does it? And if it does, is it legal?

3. Perpetually slim people have different biological makeup from fat people

Just 2 years ago, an unusual story broke out in the science community and was even reported by BBC:

“Woman’s stool transplant leads to ‘tremendous weight gain”

Here’s what happened:

A woman who suffered from a bowel infection had to undergo a treatment called Fecal Matter Transplant (FMT) which is exactly what it sounds like.

Doctors take the waste matter from a healthy person’s gut and introduces it to the patient’s gut.

For this particular lady, who had never suffered weight issues her entire life, everything would begin to go downhill from there.

The waste material obtained from her obese daughter saved her life, but it also made her gain 36 pounds just months after the procedure, and is now classified as overweight.

In fact, previous research showed that transplanting gut bacteria from obese people into mice led to the same results…

Which is why the doctors now put in safety procedures to avoid using obese people as donors.

Further research have gone on to show that people with high belly fat mass have much lower levels of certain strains of gut bacteria, drawing the link between gut bacteria and belly fat.

So, here’s the thing:

It’s clear that if you want to lose weight and keep it off, it takes more than just diet and exercise…you have to make sure the conditions are right in your body and gut to help keep the weight off permanently.

And after years of research, scientists have discovered the 3 most vital bacteria strains to help with weight loss.

The best part is, you don’t have to transplant the waste material of a slim person into your body. There is a way to flood your gut with these bacteria and reap the benefits using a much less cringey method:

Click the button below to find out exactly how your gut bacteria can help you melt off belly fat right now:

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