3 Unseen Health Risks That Cause You To Put On Weight In Your Mid-30s

Remember your 20s?

When you were youthful, energetic, and active—and you could live “recklessly” and eat whatever you want without a care in the world.

But now, 10 years later, you’re painfully aware of your ever-growing belly…but you can’t seem to summon the energy or discipline to eat healthily or pull yourself up to go for a jog.

Now, you might tell yourself that it’s just a normal part of aging. Or say that you’re “too old for this”.

But the truth is, you may be unknowingly suffering from these 3 health risks that are sapping your energy, weakening your immune system, and causing you to gain weight.

So, here’s the thing. If you…

  • Experience a drop in energy day by day caused by a slowing metabolism…
  • Pack on pounds in your abdominal area or thighs that you can’t shake off no matter how hard you try…
  • Fall ill more frequently than before and take a longer time to recover due to a weakened immune system…

Read to the end to find out how you can regain your vitality and shed all those extra pounds. Before that, let’s look at what the 3 health risks are…

Health Risk #1: Chronic Stress

Modern technology, corporate jobs, and urban cities have plagued our lives with unending, long-term stresses.

We get less sleep on average. And with work and family weighing on our minds every day, our bodies get less chance to recover fully.

When put under stress, our cortisol (stress hormone) levels rise, and our blood sugar level drops. This is one of the reasons behind constant cravings for “comfort foods”—which are high in sugar and “bad” fats.

More stress = more cortisol = more cravings for junk food = more belly fat.

On top of that, stress reduces blood flow to our gut by up to FOUR TIMES!

And this wreaks havoc on our gut bacteria composition, because mucus in our gut cannot regenerate properly…and this is where the good bacteria live in.

The thing is, chronic stress is generally low-level and builds up over time.

So you may not notice it immediately, but over a few years, you’ll notice effects like weight gain, lethargy, poor mood and irritability.

I’ll share more about how to restore your good gut flora in just a bit.

Health Risk #2: Slow Digestion

You might not know this but the ideal duration for complete digestion should be about 1 hour to so.

That means your regular bowel movement should be about 3 times a day, after every meal.

While doctors would only raise alarm bells if you go four or less times a WEEK, if you are going less than once a day, you might be suffering from slow digestion.

And when your bowel movement is not optimal, your body doesn’t absorb nutrients and calories efficiently for the same amount of food as a healthy person.

Resulting in you having to eat more just to get the same amount of nutrients…and that leads to weight gain.

Health Risk #3: Slow Metabolism

Now, you might notice that as you age, you have to work harder just to lose the same amount of weight.

Which is why, the same dosage of diet pills and the same exercise routines gradually lose effectiveness over time.

This happens because, after 30, your body burns an average of 200 less calories every day from losing about half a pound of calorie-burning tissue year after year.

And even worse, the rate DOUBLES once you hit 50…and many people find that their weight balloons as they get older.

So What Can You Do To Reduce Chronic Stress, Speed Up Digestion, And Boost Your Metabolism?

Well, believe it or not, it all begins in the gut.

  1. Scientists have conducted studies to understand how bad bacteria in the gut triggers anxiety and even depression.

This happens because the gut is able to send to and receive signals from the brain through the nervous system.

And research has shown that bacteria living in the gut are able to “hijack” this communication system to affect mood and stress levels.

On the flip side, a recent study has also found that a strain of good bacteria, lactobacillus is able to reduce anxiety levels. This is why having a healthy gut flora balance is key to managing chronic stress.

  1. Your gut forms the major part of your digestive system. How well your body absorbs and digests food is obviously directly linked to your gut health.

In fact, Fox News Health reported that an incredible 74% of Americans are living with gastrointestinal discomfort of some sort.

And the thing is, even the mildest discomfort can be a sign of a bigger problem: poor gut health!

Which is why, it’s especially crucial to restore your gut health and repopulate it with good bacteria before it’s too late.

More so with our modern diet of processed foods, antibiotics (in both cattle and medication), and exposure to UV rays from the sun.

And what about your weight loss?

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