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Asian Diet Plan For Weight Loss

6 Popular Asian Diet Plans That Help With Weight Loss

Losing weight is not an easy task, but eating right is the first step. Asian cultures are generally quite aware of the dangers of obesity and being overweight, so we're reviewing the best 6 Asian diet plans.
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Why Are Asians So Thin

Why Are Asians So Thin? 9 Simple Reasons That Keep Them in Good Shape

Are you overweight? We pick up the habits of the food scene around us, and there’s no denying that some lifestyles are healthier than others, such as Asian's. Here are the secrets to why Asians are so thin.
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Why are processed foods bad.png

Why Are Processed Foods Bad? Health Experts Warn About These 7 Effects

Processed foods serve your taste buds but not your health. They can make you fatter, sicker, and most probably shorten your lifespan. Health experts have warned these 7 effects.
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Does rice make you gain weight

Does Rice Make You Gain Weight?

Rice is arguably, one of the most versatile and most consumed grains in the market. But does rice make you gain weight? Is rice bad for you? Here are 5 key reasons that will decide.
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