Here's Mary S’s Recount Of Her Experience With Menopausal Weight Gain.

“I have a very thin and tall frame, and I’ve worn a size 6-8 my whole adult life. But ever since I was diagnosed to be perimenopausal by my doctor, I have ballooned up to a size 12-14. 

The weight gain seemed instantaneous. Like, it utterly blows my mind how quickly it crept up without any warning, even though I hadn’t changed anything about my lifestyle!

Just barely 18 months ago, I was a pear-shaped size and I looked best in clothes that were form fitting and hugged my waist. Now, 2 years later, I'm a size 12 and my waistline is bigger than my bust. 

The backs of my have doubled in size and became so flabby. And who knew things like knees and elbows can actually get saggy? My whole body looks like it is a toy slowly melting under the midday sun.

I’m still trying to adapt to this new body of mine, and besides the fact that I look and I feel fatter, the other thing that I'm constantly worried about is my wardrobe. 

Will my 10-12s fit me in a year? Will I lose it again or will I get bigger? These questions gnaw at me everytime I do my laundry, or when I catch a glimpse of my wardrobe. 

The size 6-8s I once wore have been folded neatly into a defeated pile, left at the back of my wardrobe for the day I can finally fit in them once again.

Curiously though, even though the form fitting dresses are no longer an option, most of my tops still fit. Why is that a thing? 

Some of my shirts will be a tad snug around my belly and hips, and the back of my arms. But my tops don’t cause me as much pain as my jeans, skirts and dresses. Those feel like they’re bursting at the seams everytime I attempt to put them on.

My diet really hasn’t changed; I actually eat less (and no matter what I eat, I feel SO FULL afterwards). I exercise about the same (I have two dogs that I walk twice a day, and have a physical job). 

I really don’t want to have to start running or something, because I have really bad knees and I can’t really do high impact exercises.

Does anyone have similar experiences with weight gain? I’m kind of stuck in this clothes limbo where I don’t know whether I should hold on to hope that I’ll lose weight and fit in my old clothes, or just toss my current clothes and buy a whole new wardrobe. 

I really don’t want to have to get new ones because getting new clothes is accepting new weight and that makes me really sad. I need some advice from anyone going through the same thing, is there a light at the end of this menopausal weight gain tunnel?”

- Mary S, 52

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