For All Our Ladies Over 50: Why Provitalize Can Be Great For Managing Menopause

February 10, 2019

Tried Every Probiotic On The Market But Nothing Seems To Work?

For All Our Ladies Over 50: Why Provitalize Can Be Great For Managing Menopause

This is EXACTLY why we started the Better Body Company...Hey everyone!

Nancy M from Studio City, California just sent us this heart warming video about her results with Provitalize after menopause.

She mentions...

"When I hit 56, my weight went UP and my energy went DOWN...I was coming home at 7pm and asking if it was time to go to sleep already".


The truth is, it's very common for ladies to experience these symptoms including bloating and mild depression after menopause...


Because your gut bacteria is knocked off balance from the sudden decline of estrogen.

Stress levels go up, hot flashes, you know the drill.

And the worst part?

These hormonal shifts might also lead to your body retaining fluids more easily.

Hence bloating, unexpected weight gain etc.

BUT, as Nancy mentions in her video, one of the BIGGEST, most annoying problems is having the lack of energy to do anything.

Let's be real, if you're 50+, you still have a LOT of life to live!

Travelling, doing work that fulfills you, eating amazing food, spending time with your loved ones of working hard for so many years.

Probiotics for Menopause Above 50

Why would anyone let a gut bacteria imbalance stop them from doing that?

Thankfully she did her research and found 3 specific strains that were missing in her current probiotics.

Specifically, L. Gasseri, B. Lactis & B. Breve.

These in fact, are the exact strains we've included in our Provitalize formula (Read More About Them Here).

Combined with anti-inflammatory & weight management herbs like Curcumin, Moringa Leaf & Curry leaf...

We hope adding Provitalize to your daily routine (even if you're NOT on menopause), can give you a healthier life.

Key reported benefits (a mix of) over 300+ reviews:

  • Relief from gut related issues like bloating, sudden weight gain, constipation & loose bowels.
  • Better energy, all round including improved moods, less brain fog, deep mental clarity, feeling active in the morning & having the alertness/ tenacity to sit through a 2 hour Drew Barrymore movie at 10pm.
  • Sleeping better without tossing and turning till 2am, waking up to pee, going back to bed still awake thinking if that mole on your arm is going to grow any bigger. Nope, none of that. Just a peaceful 8 hours of good sleep.

Provitalize Probiotics, you gotta try it to believe it. Seriously, you just can't make things like that up.

Get yours here!