Diet Talk: 5 Biggest Myths Of Thermogenic Probiotics

January 04, 2019

Thermogenic probiotics are all the rage now and is set to become the most sought after weight loss supplement in 2019 - especially for those who are looking for a more healthy, long-term solution to managing their weight.

While ardent fans of this unique strain of probiotics swear by it’s many benefits ranging from significant weight loss to easing sugar and junk food cravings...

There are still those that remain skeptical...

“But does this probiotic really live up to all the hype?”

“Can it really deliver on all the benefits on the label?”

We hope to clear the air once and for all...

Which is why in this episode of diet talk, we're going to explore the 5 biggest myths of thermogenic probiotics to see if we can find any truth behind each of them.

Myth #1: “Thermogenic probiotics only work when I'm on a keto or paleo diet.”

While it’s true that people do in fact experience accelerated results when they supplement their diet with thermogenic probiotics...

...It’s NOT a requirement that one must go on a keto, paleo or any other diet for that matter, in order for thermogenic probiotics to work.

The beauty of thermogenic probiotics is that that it doesn’t actually require any changes to lifestyle, diet or even exercise in order for it to be effective.

In fact, a medical study [1] was carried out in Japan where test subjects took L. Gasseri (a key probiotic strain) for 12 weeks... and were instructed to not change their diet or current lifestyle and go about as per normal.

The results of the study turned out to be quite unexpected:


How did this happen?

Well, the gut microbiome plays several important roles in your health, such as governing the immune system and more importantly...

Influencing how the body manages calories and fat.

When thermogenic probiotics is ingested, they go to work directly on the gut microbiome by colonising the intestinal wall and “reprogramming” the body to better metabolise fat, manage blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Through this mechanism, thermogenic probiotics help users impact the reduction in stubborn fat - without having to drastically change their diets or go overboard at the gym.

It's safe to say that while combining thermogenic probiotics with a consistent diet regime may speed up the visible results on body weight...

...research indicates that consuming thermogenic probiotics on their own may also have a positive influence on body weight..

(Learn more about how Thermogenic Probiotics can help accelerate the visible results of diets here)

Myth #2: “Thermogenic probiotics only works when I exercise”

As mentioned in the study earlier, people have reported experiencing the full weight - management effects of thermogenic probiotics...even with low levels of exercise.

The great thing about adding thermogenic probiotics into your daily routine is that it has the potential to directly trigger several of the same effects of exercise such as:

  • Managing of caloric levels
  • Maintenance of healthy weight
  • Appetite suppression
  • And many others.

This means no more feeling guilty over missing a gym session - as thermogenic probiotics are consistently working in the background to keep things in check :)

That's not all...

Thermogenic probiotics may also support accelerated post-exercise recovery by reducing inflammation.

A clinical study [2] was carried out where one group test subjects were administered B. Breve (a key thermogenic probiotic) while another group was only subjected to a post-recovery ice bath.

Upon review, they found the Thermogenic Probiotics test group having a significant reduction in inflammation and increased post recovery, compared to the other group.

In short...

Research [3] indicates that not only do thermogenic probiotics have the potential to influence body weight irregardless of the individual's exercise levels...

It may also support accelerated recovery after a good workout session - allowing people to enjoy the benefits of exercise with lesser soreness and muscle aches.

Myth #3: “Thermogenic probiotics are only for people who want to lose weight”

While most people consume thermogenic probiotics (TP) to support the reduction of body fat...

Other people are beginning to realise the importance of these probiotics and are tapping on TP for its other potential benefits. 

There are dieters who make use of TP to support the management of sugar and carb cravings...

Or the diabetic who uses TP to complement her keto diet...

And even people who incorporate TP into their daily routine simply for that extra boost of energy to kickstart their day.


Whatever the objective may be, users are often more motivated to continue to take thermogenic probiotics when it can give them so many additional health benefits, beyond just losing weight.

(Learn more about the full range of potential health benefits of thermogenic probiotics here)

Myth #4: “Thermogenic probiotics take a long time to show results”

This is a tricky one as everyone's body and lifestyle is different.

Results may come swiftly for some, while others may take longer to see similar results.

Whatever the case, as with all natural weight management solutions... it will take time for people to see visible results.

It’s like going to the gym.

We can all agree that it's highly unlikely to see visible results just after a week or two of exercising (which is why the word “regular” usually comes before the word “exercise”)

Like many things in life, it takes time and regularity before we can begin to see progress in anything.

Many users of thermogenic probiotics report positive results on body weight within a matter of weeks - after consistently taking TP every day.

For accelerated results, we suggest combining thermogenic probiotics with a healthy diet regime and regular exercise.

Myth #5: “Thermogenic probiotics is just another health fad”

A health fad refers to a particular diet or a certain type of food that quickly rises in popularity... but disappears just as quickly.

That's not the case for Thermogenic Probiotics.

There have been countless scientific studies [4][5][6] that have already proven the existence of hundreds of different types of bacteria in the gut & how certain strains play a unique role in the body's overall health...

And currently, there's a continually growing volume of clinical research supporting the effectiveness of how thermogenic probiotics impact weight management & overall well-being.

Also, more and more people have incorporated thermogenic probiotics into their daily routine - as they enjoy how TP helps:

  • Support natural metabolism
  • Suppress food cravings
  • Manage caloric intake levels
  • Impact the reduction in stubborn fat
  • And many more

That's not all...

With the global market for probiotics now projected to exceed $63 billion by 2022...[7]

We foresee that this is no health fad that will be fading away any time soon.

(Find out how you can start incorporating thermogenic probiotics into your daily routine here)

Final Verdict...

Based on all the evidence gathered from both scientific research and real life testimonies from people who have incorporated thermogenic probiotics into their daily lives...

It's overwhelmingly clear that supplementing diets with thermogenic probiotics or simply having it by itself can provide numerous health benefits such as supporting the impact on reduction of stubborn fat.

Simply put...

The common consensus among the masses is that thermogenic probiotics work.

With its organic, stimulant-free nature, we foresee thermogenic probiotics replacing traditional weight loss solutions - and becoming the natural choice for most people looking to manage healthy weight.


P.S Further research suggests that when certain strains of "thermogenic" probiotics are combined with "thermogenic" ingredients like curcumin, moringa leaves and curry leaves...

They have a compounded effect in helping people achieve better results in managing body weight.

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